'I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.' RILKE

Secret Screenings, from Future Cinema, the creators of Secret Cinema, is a new film club happening bringing back mystery films to the UK for one night only.

Secret Screenings bring back a sense of community, discovery and collective experience to cinema giving audiences access to incredible unseen films combined with one of a kind unforgettable experiences.

Secret Screenings re-launched in July 2012 with one of the most remarkable unseen films of the year – Searching for Sugarman followed by an incredible performance by the subject of the film - Rodriguez.

Lets come together to uncover, discover and promote incredible stories. Lets find vital beautiful and incredible films and send them out into the world.

The Secret Screenings community shall become a powerful force in catapulting vital cinema to the forefront. Discovering incredible films together in events across the nation.

Secret Screening will build a global dialogue around film allowing audiences the opportunity to become part of a unique shared experience. As ever, the identity of the film will remain secret until the credits roll…


SECRET SCREENINGS 001 / Sounds Like Teen Spirit

SECRET SCREENINGS 002 / Searching for Sugarman

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If you have any questions related to your booking or if you have any questions about the ticket buying process please email ticketscript on:support@ticketscript.co.uk

Refund / Exchange Policy: Tickets are non refundable and cannot be exchanged to another time slot due to limited numbers.

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